Artist Development

We help you progress in your career by understanding your intended brand and long term vision

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As a company, we understand that every artist’s project and investment is unique. No one formula can ensure success.

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Our team will work closely with you to create a tailored plan of action, timeline, and asset portfolio to develop you as an artist.

The Altru Way

Altru’s involvement can range from something minimal, such as utilizing our skilled audio engineers and studio spaces, to something as involved as your development over the next two years working towards a full length LP.

Working with a new team can be daunting - especially when something as personal as your artistic venture and music is involved. Altru is here to offer you a variety of services that match your specific wants and needs.

Changing what makes your music unique and personal is never our goal. We want to be the catalyst that sparks further development and upward mobility within the your local and national music scene.

Altru is a firm believer in the synonymous importance of both recording and marketing. It goes without saying that our job is to help you create a finished product in the studio that all can truly be proud of. It would be unfair for us not to give this same level of care to the unveiling of your brand and/or release of your next body of work.

Given this wide range of involvement, it is imperative that a clear artistic vision is communicated to the Altru team. This vision is typically developed over the course of several initial meetings with our creative director. Diving into these creative and meta conversations breaks down barriers and allows our clients to become comfortable and confident that any and all inherent qualities of their project remain intact as collaboration begins.


Cultural Movement

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