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Our studio, located in the heart of Nashville, Tennessee, is a dream environment for our producers to give your song that industry standard sheen. These state-of-the-art studios are acoustically treated, high-quality, and built for efficiency, containing some of the latest and greatest audio gear currently available on the market.


Starting at $200

Does your song or production feel like it’s lacking that radio-ready sound? We can help take your produced and recorded demo to the next level!

Our engineers have over two decades of experience working with artists from around the world, with the consistent goal to create the highest quality mixes. 

1 Song 10 Stems $200
1 Song 20 Stems $300
1 Song 30 Stems $400

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Starting at $75

The final piece of the puzzle! Our team of engineers understand industry standard techniques and practices that will give your mix the final touch to be radio or streaming ready. We use industry standards for loudness and know exactly what it takes for your song to be consumed in the industry marketplace, and how it best can be enjoyed in your house, car, restaurant, party, or anywhere else your track could be enjoyed.

1 Song 2 Track Master $75
1 Song 6 Stem Master $100

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Starting at $60

Do you have a song written but it’s not fully developed? Work with one of our talented in-house producers to build your track out. We work in two ways: Our team of producers at Altru are expert engineers as well as tastemakers, in touch with current music trends,  and can create something from scratch tailored to your brand and vision. Or if you’re looking for inspiration, you can search through our high quality, genre specific, pre-made beats to write your next hit to!

Leases starting at $60
Exclusives starting at $400
Custom Production $80/hr

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Latest Collaborations

We give a shit about our brand so you know we’ll give a shit about yours

Cover artwork for the single "Thinkin' Bout You" by Campaign Girt. Hip-Hop artist Campaign Girt hailing from Memphis recorded with Altru Creative

Campaign Girt

Mixing / Mastering
Sophia Boro performing her new singel "Hey" in a studio setting made by Altru Creative

Sophia Boro

Video Production / Photography
Song cover artwork for the single "Bird Box" by Houstoon Kendrick

Houston Kendrick

Sophia Boro performing her new singel "Hey" in a studio setting made by Altru Creative

Sophia Boro

Video Production / Photography
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Through the development of artists & the execution of their vision, we can inspire & influence cultural movement

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