Talia Stewart Video Release: "Look Ma, No Hands"

Cover Art For "Look Ma, No Hands"

Nashville, TN -

Talia Stewart took Music City by storm with her latest EP, “Vices and Virtues”. The artistic, feminine and empowering concept EP, released October of 2018, was paired with multiple beautifully orchestrated music videos. “Vices and Virtues” earned the southern California native a spotlight in Nashville, with everyone eager to see what comes next.

Lucky for us, another EP is on the way. On Friday, June 7th, Talia dropped the first single from her forthcoming EP, titled “Look Ma, No Hands”, with a music video complement on Wednesday, June 12. This is one you definitely don’t want to miss.

Nigel and Talia on set for "Look Ma, No Hands"

Talia wrote and directed this music video, assisted by the visuals team at Altru Creative led by Nigel Pelligree. From the opening shot, interest is immediately sparked. We find Talia dancing along-side her masked counterpart; a figure that has made appearances in her past videos. As the video progresses, we see her in several more costumes, most prominently of which being La Presa and La Matadora (as seen on the single’s cover art).

“'Look Ma No Hands' was born out of the frustration I’ve been feeling for a long time about femininity and the lack of support between women,” she says, “I wanted to feature some important women in my life, including my own mama. Everything ties together [at the end] for a sister solidarity love-fest.”

She calls the song and video an “anthem” around the female experience. This theme is recognized in several shots throughout the video, including the intrepid shot of Talia sitting in a pile of glitter-painted tampons. Through the end of the video, the femininity concept remains. We see Talia among a cluster of other women, Talia with her own mother, and finally we are left with the words “Love Thy Sister,” across the screen as the final shot fades out.

Behind the scenes of "Look Ma, No Hands"

A proclaimed feminist, the jazz-influenced pop artist is just scratching the surface of her artistry. While she has big plans for the future, she promises to always remain true to her craft and message.

“My biggest goal is to honor my gift, I want to be able to create constantly. Creative directing has also become a passion of mine and I want to one day own my own production company.”

Of the many talents Talia possesses, some of her favorites include the “memes” she creates. The songstress is a self-proclaimed “memelord,” and is very proud of her Instagram account @taliaduzmemes. It’s definitely the go-to Instagram account if you’re looking for a quick laugh.

Looking ahead, we can expect Talia’s second EP to drop around September. We can also expect to see Talia on several upcoming tours this summer, so be watching for the dates.

Watch the music video for "Look Ma, No Hands" here!

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