Talia Stewart Releases First Single of 2020, "Broken Sinks"

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

Talia Stewart released her first single of 2020 last Friday, stepping back into the spotlight with a gut wrenching heartbreak ballad, Broken Sinks. Deviating from her usual heavily produced tracks, Broken Sinks introduces a softer, simpler, but equally intense energy.

Produced by Talia, Tim Ryssemus, and Cole Anderson at Altru Creative, the track opens with what sounds like an old record player taking a spin for the first time in years, setting a melancholic mood of nostalgia, heartache, grief, and somehow also acceptance. Stewart’s vocals, aching and sultry, pair with these ideas to bring across a cinematic sonic scene you’ll find yourself entranced in for two minutes and twenty-seven seconds.

“I feel like a broken sink, do you hear how you talk to me?”. Stewart shares that the idea of the title comes from “this one time my mama and I were getting a venue ready for a premiere and the space's sink handle popped off...we were under a time-crunch and my mom just lost it yelling at this sink. It was hilarious but made me think about how silly that idea is...of yelling at something inanimate that has no idea what you’re saying or why you’re mad at it. That energy is what I wanted to capture in this song.

As the track progresses, we hear trippy synths and warped bass, introducing a tripped out lo-fi element reminiscent of Travis Scott’s production. The cinematics continue with heavy subs, layered vocals, and verbed out harmonies, all while maintaining the acoustic guitar pattern to keep it grounded. Broken Sinks ends how a breakup feels – too soon and wanting more, but knowing there’s nothing left to say. If you’re looking for a song to absolutely destroy you, look no further.

Broken Sinks has seen nearly ten thousand streams in the first week alone. The single follows Stewart’s 2019 album, “Confessional”, which saw streaming and sync success, and precedes another single. Listen to Broken Sinks here, and follow Talia on Instagram and Twitter.