Subrinse Drops Remix to Kemosabi's "Chirp"

In June 2019, Kemosabi dropped the album Booyaka!, creating the perfect summer soundtrack. The debut project from Kemosabi landed well in the independent music community, with the single "Ben 10" reaching well over 20 thousand streams. Best described as a hard hitting, future hip hop album, the unique project caught the attention of many, including Nashville based producer/DJ, Subrinse. Of all the tracks, Subrinse was particularly drawn to the short (one and a half minute) track, "Chirp". He released a remix on November 22nd, 2019.

"I was first attracted to Bradley's heavy bass line, but the tempo, the sing-song way Kemo raps, and the lyrics sold it for me. One of the points of this remix is to bring together the Nashville hip hop and electronic crowd, so the fact that the song was already about bringing the crew together just fit," says Subrinse, when asked why this track in particular stood out to him. His remix keeps the hard hitting subs and future hip-hop feeling, but highlights Kemosabi's voice and adds a driving Euro-inspired house beat underneath. The result is a danceable, head-bopping and irresistibly grooving track, fitting into Subrinse's signature urban/house sound.

Listen to the track here, and check in every week to see our top pick Friday Fix from the week.

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