A Look Back: Notelle's Power Hits 77k on Spotify

Updated: Jun 12, 2019

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Nashville, TN — Nashville-based singer-songwriter, Notelle, released her single “Power” on Oct. 12, 2018. This track was the first of a six-single series to be released.

Accidentally “falling in love with fire,” Notelle was inspired to write “Power” after surviving an abusive relationship. At first, she was hesitant to share these vulnerable pieces of herself with the world, but doubts quickly subsided when she realized she would be able to reach other women who could identify with an all too familiar situation.

Notelle says, “There’s something that attracts you to fire. It’s warm and it’s comforting, you know, and it provides all these wonderful things, but it’s also horribly damaging.”

“Power” is a song about being so “obsessively, devastatingly and disgustingly” in love with someone that they eventually start to take control. You become subconsciously willing to give the other person complete power over you.

The production on this track matches the lyrical story. Tim Ryssemus incorporates chopped vocals and haunting piano to create an aural visual of a subtly tempting, yet deadly flame. The chorus hits with swelling synth pads, giving the illusion that the fire has become uncontrollable. This pattern continues through the rest of the track, leaving you entranced from start to finish.

Recently coming into her own sound, "Power" is the first song Notelle hasn’t collaborated with a DJ on. Previously, the songstress was a top-liner and featured vocalist for DJs. Notelle veered in her own direction, and fortunately so, because the single has earned her over 77 thousand streams on Spotify.

Check out Notelle’s latest single, "Out of Love", released May 10th, 2019.

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