Marshall Loren Releases End-Of-Summer Bop, "Long Shot"

On August 14th, Marshall Loren released his latest single, Long Shot, on all streaming platforms. The eclectic dance-pop single explores the frustration and excitement of catching feelings for someone you know is out of your league, but going for it anyway. Produced and recorded at Altru Creative, the track begins with a catchy drop, chopped vocals, dreamy synths and distorted kicks, transporting you into a nostalgic summer snapshot. The beat insists you groove along, and as Loren’s vocals begin you’ll find yourself simply riding the wave. The catchy melody is complemented by Loren’s smooth vocals, and I can’t help but wish I was listening to this poolside, with a frozen margarita. Or on a boat. You get the point.

As the lyrical story progresses, you can feel Marshall’s confidence rising along with the production. Lyrics like, “Got me feeling like I’m back in high school, got me trippin on my words like I’m the class fool,” and, “Got my hopes up high but your bar ain’t low,” encompass the hopelessness felt when trying so hard to win someone over who is just out of reach.

The Nashville based pop artist says he wrote the song based on a true experience with a girl back in high school. No mention if it ended up working out for him. Either way, the track provides an endearing experience down memory lane, and certainly leaves you hopeful. By the end, it’s hard to not root for him. Shoot your shot, Marshall, we believe in you.

Long Shot is Loren's third single of 2020, and after two weeks on streaming platforms has already seen nearly 40k Spotify streams. The single follows the success of his track, Sitting by Myself, which so far has seen over 99k streams. Long Shot is part of a series of singles Loren plans to release every month until the end of the year – so follow him to not miss anything! You can find him on Instagram here and Spotify here.