Jade Million Releases First Single of 2020, "Flowerz"

On Friday, January 17th, Jade Million released Flowerz, her highly anticipated first single of 2020. The playfully seductive track blurs the line between pop and hip-hop, making it one of Million’s newest singles to establish her in Nashville’s up and coming hip-hop scene. Flowerz was co-written with local rapper Bryce Green and produced by Altru Creative - John Hanna and Timothy Ryssemus.

The single follows Lucid, Million’s last release in 2019, that dropped in October and saw 60k+ streams on Spotify and received attention from radio and sync. In the meantime, she collaborated with Italian DJ, Kharfi, on the track Don’t Waste My Time, released in November, reaching over 195k streams on Spotify and hitting Italian dance and radio charts.

Dripping in feminine energy and unabashed sexuality, Flowerz takes the listener through Million’s explorative fantasy. The single opens with a sample from a Debussy piano piece before effortlessly transitioning into the smooth hip-hop beat, while the classical piano motif remains throughout. The lighthearted piano is met with driving 808’s and suggestive lyrics, keeping the track simple, unique, provocative and intriguing.

Flowerz is a strong start to Million’s 2020 plans and foreshadows her direction for the rest of the year. Listen to Flowerz, here!

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