Jade Million: From Make Believe to the Big Stage

Updated: Aug 1, 2019

Nashville, TN — From pretending to play guitar on a wooden rake and performing to stuffed animals as a child, to taking on the big stage, Jade Million has come into her own as an artist. Million took the stage on March 16, 2019, performing at the Lucky Sasquatch Festival.

In Jade’s past performances, you’d likely find her solo, with a guitar and stripped down cover songs. However, when it comes to performing her own music, Jade strives to put on a memorable show that entertains the crowd on a new level.

“This is like a whole different side of me, but it’s the side I want to make my name with. This performance has been pretty important in that aspect, and I think it’s the turning point for me,” says Jade.

Lucky Sasquatch was an important show for Jade, as it was her first live set since she rebranded herself as an artist. The new sound combined with her upgraded look provided a performance to be remembered, to say the least. Unable to compare herself to another artist, Jade describes her sound as trap-pop, striving to find the delicate balance between bubble-gum pop and trap.

The rising artist’s latest song, “Escalators,” produced by John Hanna at Altru Creative and written by Atlanta based writer TreAce, is one of many new songs she performed at the show. With glitching cinematic strings and hard hitting subs, this track made for a killer live performance. Seeing 30k+ streams in less than a month, “Escalators” continues to grab the spotlight as Jade’s debut single this year.

Another recently released track she performed at the festival was her single, “Fade Out,” produced by ESCPE, also at Altru Creative. The songstress tells us she wrote this one to completion in a short matter of twenty minutes.

“I hadn’t been able to write in a while, I had writers block. I remember the day I went into the studio to work with Tom [ESCPE]. I just got in the booth and the beat was playing and I just wrote it within like 20 minutes in its whole. It was kind of like, built up from a long time, and I was finally able to release it,” explained Jade.

Jade at Lucky Sasquatch Festival, March 2019

Next on Jade’s roster is to release her single, “Fly Me Out,” with a fire

feature from Daisha McBride. Million is planning a headlining tour for 2020, and sees herself as pop star traveling the world, reaching as many people as she can through music.

Follow Jade on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/iamjademillion/?hl=en

Listen on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/0RDiKFZK9SumaDN2g1USaw

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