Hidden Gem: Nashville Native, Wildfront, and Their Latest EP

Beginning as the solo project of Nashville native, Josephine Moore, in 2009 (later turned duo in 2019 with the addition of BJ Moore), the electric dream pop sound of Wildfront lingers with you long after each listen. With their latest EP, Lust Love Lost, ethereal soundscapes carry you to other worlds, while familiarity keeps you grounded. Inspiration from Robyn’s, Honey, is evident, as is an 80’s new age sound, reminiscent of acts like New Order or The Cure. J. Moore’s feathery vocals provide a perfect gentle guide into the world of Wildfront, supported by airy synths, dreamy distorted guitars, and driving, nostalgic drums.

Of the creative process, J Moore says, “Having admired each others’ solo work as well as having developed rapport within Only [the local band BJ and Josephine were both a part of since 2014], we each drew inspiration from the other instrumentally. Lyrically, I drew from my own life experiences, which naturally included my love life. The title ‘Lust Love Loss’ is a bit of an ironic nod towards the ‘live laugh love’ motif. It refers to the idea that so many romantic relationships go through thematic phases, often characterized in our memories by one of these three emotions.”

These “relationship phases” are illustrated throughout the EP, with tracks like “Bloom” addressing that first spark– the feeling when you start to see someone as more than a friend, to tracks like “Lust” that addresses, quite literally, the feeling of lusting over that person. And we can’t forget the visuals. The paintings for the EP cover, all done by Josephine’s sister, Christina Moore (@cjmdesign), capture the essence of the EP perfectly. While I try to not judge a book by its cover, the cover art here made a very compelling case. Overall, this EP is a hidden Nashville gem, and we’re lucky to have found it early.

I can only imagine how cool Wildfront’s live set would be, but we’ll have to be patient. Because of the virus they currently have no tours or shows scheduled, but hope to once it’s safe to do so. They are, however, continuing to work on new music. Check out their EP, Lust Love Lost, along with the rest of their music on Spotify, and be sure to follow them on Instagram – they’re definitely one you’ll want to keep an eye on.

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