Grey Zeigler Returns With "Note To Self" - The Inner Battle Cry In All Of Us

This Valentine’s Day, we’re celebrating self love and determination with Grey Zeigler’s brand new track, “Note To Self.” Grey brings smokey vocals and poetically twisted lyrics to match Timothy Ryssemus’s dark-pop production; together making the track feel like a beautiful nightmare. Returning to the scene after nearly two years, the 20 year old singer-songwriter worked with Timothy at Altru Creative to perfect the invitation to her darker side, and she’s finally ready to let us in.

With lyrics like, “Get me out, just break me, I won’t go down with my demons,” Zeigler showcases her vulnerability and strength, both by taking back her own power while simultaneously helping others feel empowered enough to do the same. Ryssemus meets Zeigler’s fervent emotionality with production that sounds almost dungeon-like. A bold intensity is introduced with the layered distorted synths, heavy drums and rich vocal harmonies. The Nashville based dark-pop artist opens up about her inner demons, making “Note To Self” a battle anthem for anyone who can relate. This is a come-back you don’t want to miss. We can’t wait to see what Grey does next. If you haven’t yet, listen to “Note To Self” on Soundcloud here.

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