"FOTW" Remix - A Mike Floss Flip By Subrinse And Grawg

On February 24th, independent Nashville DJs, Subrinse and Grawg, released a collaborative remix of Mike Floss’ hit, “FOTW.” On its own, “Freak of the Week'' lends to a grooving club hit; with the DJ pair’s added touch, the single is transformed into a 3am, warehouse after-party, driving house track. The duo introduces pulsing bass with wavy synths, creating a magnetic dance beat.

With lyrics like, “I look good I look like I robbed a bank before, Call me Floss, call me when you need a drink or four,”

the song is impossibly catchy, making it difficult to resist singing along. This flip is the second of five remixes Subrinse plans to release, following his flip of “Chirp!” by Kemosabi that recently surpassed 60 thousand streams. The idea of the project is to further join Nashville’s hip hop and dance scene. Paying close attention to what people want and what Nashville lacks - and bringing that to fruition - is what drives Subrinse. Community oriented and always independent, this project could be the first of a cultural movement. Check out the track here, and be sure to follow Subrinse to see what comes next.

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