Blake Lieder Drops "Ghost": a Spooky Bop Just in Time For Halloween

Nashville, TN

Blake Lieder first entered the scene in 2017 with his single, "Work It Out," establishing himself as a powerful and unique voice in the Nashville independent music community. In 2018 he reinforced his presence with two more 80's-centric singles, "Supernova" and "Fake I.D." Now, a day before Halloween of 2019, Lieder returns to the scene with "Ghost," a grooving and eerily haunting track.

"Ghost" remains true to Lieder's experimental pop background, but brings an intriguing taste of bad-boy apathy into the mix. He addresses the struggle of building a relationship with an emotionally unavailable person, and how at times it can feel like they don't even notice you exist. While most would approach the situation with a melancholic, defeated attitude, Blake has a different take. Instead, he uses it as motivation to work even harder at breaking down the emotional barriers. With lyrics like "You know I could be your nightmare or your fantasy" and "I know I might be invisible, but you're gonna see," Lieder's determination cuts through, leaving you feeling inspired, rebellious and irresistibly tempted to delve further into the darkness.

Find "Ghost" on all streaming platforms, but listen on Spotify here!

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