Artist Spotlight: Kent Osborne's "Underestimated"

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

On the path to avant-garde hip hop, you’ll find Kent Osborne at the crossroads where rap meets hardcore metal and grunge punk. The Nashville-based rapper has quickly become one of the hottest names in the rap scene out of Music City. A little Suicide Boys, a little Denzel Curry, and a little Bones, Osborne brings refreshing, super-charged electricity with

every song. The intensity lingers long after a track ends, and makes for a killer live set (one you could see if the world ever stopped ending). His latest release, “Underestimated,” is a double single featuring songs Belly of the Beast and Obsolete. This mini-EP foreshadows the Atlanta native’s musical direction for the near future.

The two tracks are stylistically juxtaposed to showcase his current artistic spectrum. Belly of the Beast is reminiscent of Osborne’s previous releases: the high energy, emotionally driven, metal influenced rap stirs up both frustration and excitement, leaving you equally satisfied and restless. Contrastingly, Obsolete is far more mellow. Using his lower vocal register combined with an eerie, wet piano loop, Osborne explores a darker, mysterious energy. Obsolete feels reminiscent of the track, Tommy, by Tommy Genesis. Both beats have a pulsing, repetitive theme, while the lyrics and melodies stir up a hypnotic and powerful energy. Already one of his most popular released tracks (over 30,000 streams on Spotify), it’s clear that his fans appreciate and approve of this direction.

When asked to comment on the new music, Osborne remarked, “If you’re feeling some type of way, I hope you can relate.” So, If you are feeling some type of way currently, definitely check him out. If I’ve captured your attention by now, be sure to find Kent on all streaming platforms and follow him on Instagram: @kentsauceborne.

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