Altru Creative Drops Unreleased NLE Choppa Interview From February 2019

On November 25th, 2019, Altru Creative released an un-cut, previously unreleased interview with NLE Choppa from February of 2019. The young rapper stopped by the studio while in Nashville, and agreed to do a quick interview, shortly after his viral single “Shotta Flow” dropped in January.

NLE Choppa in February 2019 at Altru Creative

The 16 year old rapper from Memphis, TN, saw massive success with the single, with well over 100 million streams and views on both Spotify and Youtube. Come September, Choppa released “Camelot” which secured his place as the newest serious rapper on the scene. In this exclusive interview, Altru dives into Choppa’s upbringing, his inspirations, and what the world can expect next. Uniquely raw and uncut, the interview shows NLE Choppa before his catapult into A-List stardom.

During adolescence, a single year feels like a lifetime. It’s apparent how much the Memphis native has grown since the interview was recorded, nearly 10 months ago. It’s a unique, untouched and personal video straight from Altru’s archives. Check it out here on Altru Creative’s Youtube!

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