A Sad Boy Seance: Nived's, "Cry"

Nived, 2019

Nashville, TN -

Nashville independent artist, Nived, released his latest single “Cry” on June 6th, 2019. The dark, alt-pop track, found on all streaming platforms, is a solo-write from Nived, and co-produced with Andy Carpenter. In just over a month, the track climbed to nearly 30,000 streams and counting.

When asked to describe his sound, Nived takes a moment before hesitantly saying, “Alternative pop?” He continues, “I want to bring the essence of live sound from 90’s alternative grunge and rock to modern pop production.”

Though the labels are tentative, I couldn’t think of a better way to describe his single, “Cry.”

Opening with nothing but an emo-like electric guitar riff that becomes a motif throughout the track, the mood is instantly set. We are in the phase of a breakup that is post-heartbreak/post sadness, replaced with anger and frustration. A clean eight bars into the track, the beat comes in, introducing a refreshing trap-like undertone. While the lyrical content of this song is heavy, it’s quickly balanced by the catchiness of the melody and production.

“It’s closure, honestly,” says Nived, “I think everybody has that sensibility, that something that makes them cry, someone hurts them, and they don’t think about it at the time but it was for the better.”

This song is one we all can relate to: a relationship turned sour and a breakup that takes a little extra time to heal. Whether you are currently going through it, or have experienced it in the past, you’re sure to have “Cry” blasting your speakers all summer long.

“Cry” is Nived’s second single, following “Shame” released in March of 2019. Typically, two singles released in such a short time frame foreshadows an upcoming album. This isn’t the case for Nived.

“Just singles for the time being, I like to give each song its own theatrics.”

We can, however, expect to see the Nashville resident take the stage soon. He is currently planning a live set hopes to have it ready by the end of summer, so be on the lookout!

Listen to “Cry” here!

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