A Look Back: Stasney Mav's, "Bullet"

Mav, 2018, captured by Acacia Evans

Nashville, TN — Stasney Mav, has become the talk of the town in Nashville after her song “Bullet” was debuted on Billboard on Aug. 16, 2018. The Nashville resident cowrote the song with Nell Maynard and coproduced the song with Timothy Ryssemus and John Hanna after her move from Houston, Texas to Nashville, Tennessee left her confused by heartbreak.

Mav found inspiration for the driving pop track while at a club, of all places, where instead of enjoying herself, she noticed constant urge to check her phone. That's when it hit her- "Bullet.” Not literally, of course, but Mav found the inspiration behind the “heartbreak, crying in the club” anthem.

“We kind of realized there’s that point with relationships, where initially you just want to be loved, you want to be validated and you want to find somebody who sees you,” Mav explains.

“Then you hit a point where it’s like this relationship isn’t good for me. I feel like there’s a certain maturity that comes along with getting older and being in more and more relationships. It gets into being able to willingly walk away from a relationship.”

Mav, performing at Nashville Pride in 2019, captured by Jason Lee Denton

The most alluring line in the song is when Mav sings, “All my friends say that I dodged a bullet, but it feels like I straight up took it in the chest” over a catchy synth. The clever line was inspired by Nell Maynard, and as soon as Mav heard the line, she knew it was a match made in heaven for the first verse she had written. The catchy melody from Mav’s “Bullet,” along with “Stranger” and “Nightmare,” have garnished her over 100 thousand streams on Spotify.

Previous to debuting her single “Bullet,” the Houston native, also known as Caroline Shumate, was in a duo called The Queen and King with former band mate Greg Graves. The duo gained exposure after their unique renditions of cover songs got some attention by fans, accumulating over 60 million streams.

As for 2019, Mav plans on releasing more singles and eventually an EP. The singer-songwriter is also a DJ, known for remixing other artist's songs. Since her success of “Bullet”, Mav has released a remix of Jake Vicious and Jen Miller’s “God’s Gift,” as well as two instrumental house tracks with her long-time friend and former bandmate, Greg Graves (Grawg).

Mav in 2018, captured by Acacia Evans

Listen to Stasney Mav's, "Bullet" here!

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