We pride ourselves on being able to offer a diverse catalog of music to our clients. Altru’s in-house producers are ready and willing to begin a lasting relationship with you to help create a product that all will be proud of. Our team of producers functions as your one stop shop for production, mixing, and mastering.


We look forward to connecting you with the right producer/engineer to help you find your sound as an artist. 

  • Greg Graves (Associate Producer)​

    • Pop, Americana, Folk, Indie

  • Tom Catena (Associate Producer)

    • Trap, Hip-Hop, Pop

  • John Hanna (Senior Producer)

    • Pop, EDM, House, Hip-Hop, Indie

  • Timothy Ryssemus (Senior Producer)

    • Pop, Hip-Hop, Indie, R&B

  • Nigel Pelligree (Senior Producer)

    • Hip-Hop, Downtempo, Trap, R&B

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Altru Creative | 1036 W Kirkland Ave, Nashville TN, 37216 | M-F 10AM - 6PM